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Valuable Service to

various banking and business corporations all over India


Speed & Safe provides reliable door-to-door service in fixed transit schedules for commercial consignments, documents, packages and non-commercial consignments. We assure on-time delivery to any locations across the Country. We offer both Domestic and International services

Domestic Services

We serve you with :

  • Express (Overnight) delivery of your consignments Within Kerala in 24 hrs, in National metros and major cities within 24-48hrs and rest of India 48-72 hrs.
  • Pick up from your door
  • Regulatory Clearances for all States in India taken care of by our team of specialists, to resolve the regulatory mandates.
  • Computerised Proof of delivery on demand, we provide you the proof of delivery confirming the date and time of delivery.
  • Updated delivery status on your package.
  • Flexible cut-off timings
  • Competitive rates
  • An efficient system for bulk cargo handling.
  • Integrated logistics solutions to cater to the needs of corporate houses operating as a single point interface. Our customised solutions cover activities like transportation, distribution.

International Services

The Speed & Safe Solution

A Speedy Solution for your International Shipments. Documents and packages picked-up from your door, cleared through customs and delivered to your consignee.

Overseas associates

Speed & Safe is your secure interface to forward non-dutiable shipments such as banking and legal documents, reports, proposals, tenders, etc. We have strategic tie-ups with overseas associates at all important Global gateways that enable us to give world-class service for your consignments.

Money exchange interface for Gulf countries

Speed & Safe operates as a trusted mediator in money transfer services for expatriate Indians living in Gulf countries. Our international tie-ups provide you with value added services. Right from our inception we have taken great professional care to deliver flawless and fast track services to both domestic and international clients. If you want to search for our branches across the Country, just  click here.

Online Status Tracking

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